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Pixel Pitch: the right choice of a Led Wall

LED walls, as we have seen in a previous article, are multimedia devices which, over the years, have seen rapid diffusion on the international scene.

Even if in our country there is little information provided on its functionality, its technical characteristics and its its main peculiarities.

One of the aspects to consider most when you are interested in adopting a digital LED system for the organization of events or commercial activities is undoubtedly the so-called Pixel Pitch.

Also known as pitch, center distance or definition.

Let’s first see what it is and why this parameter is so important for choosing the right LED system.

What is Pixel Pitch

When the intent is to take advantage of LED technology to organize an event and make it visually impactful, it is important to understand not only the functioning of the Led walls and the software used for their management.

Also the technical characteristics that the digital system will have to guarantee according to your needs.

One of the parameters to be taken into serious consideration and which represents perhaps the most important value to understand to avoid wrong choices is the Pixel Pitch.

Essentially, it is a specific value that expresses the distance between the center of a pixel and the center of the pixel adjacent to it, value expressed in millimetres.

The smaller the distance between one pixel and another, the higher the resolution and level of definition of the images will be, thus making it possible to view the screen sharply and clearly even from close distances.

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How to choose the best Pitch / Pixel Pitch?

Here we come to the crux of the matter.

Are there any parameters to consider before choosing which LED wall to use based on the type of event? The answer is yes! Let’s see which ones.

There are mainly three parameters to consider.

Namely, the size of the LED screen, the minimum viewing distance, the location in which the LED wall will be installed (therefore the choice between indoor or outdoor LED walls) and the budget available.

LED screen size

First we need to understand if we are talking about a 1×1 meter LED wall or larger screens.

To be able to transmit images in such a small multimedia system, we need a good definition, for example 4mm, 3mm or 2.5mm.

However, if it is an installation of a hanging LED display measuring 3×2 or 4×3 metres, it may be optimal to use a Pixel Pitch of 6.6mm.

A different matter for large screens, for example 6×3 metres, 10×6 meters or similar installed on the facades of buildings, roofs or as large LED screens in stadiums.

In this case LED walls with 8mm, 10mm pitches can also be used.

It is important to remember that the larger the size of the LED screen, the less attention the eye pays to the pixel; the greater the distance, the further you will have to be from the screen to see it entirely.

The minimum viewing distance


Calculating the suitable Pixel Pitch based on the minimum viewing distance of an LED Wall is very simple, as the value, expressed in millimetres.

It indicates the distance between the center of a pixel and the center of the pixel adjacent to it.

It is almost identical to the value corresponding to the minimum viewing distance (expressed in metres). Giving a practical example:

• A led wall with a pixel pitch of 2 mm has a resolution high enough to make the contents clearly visible from a distance of 1.5/2 metres.

• A led wall with a pixel pitch of 5 mm, on the other hand, has a resolution high enough to make the contents clearly visible from a distance of 4/5 metres.

But why should we only consider the minimum viewing distance and not the maximum?

Simply because a led wall is equipped with a very high brightness level, so much so that it is clearly visible even from long distances regardless of the screen resolution level.

Eessentially, taking another practical example, a p3 mm LED wall (therefore with pixel pitch or 3 millimeter pitch) presents contents correctly visible from 3 meters upwards.

In this sense, if the minimum viewing distance is 3 metres, it would make no sense to opt for an LED display with a pixel pitch of 2 millimetres.

Due to the fact that you would purchase a device with a higher resolution but not necessary given that from a distance of 3 meters, it would be as good as an LED Wall with a pitch of 3 millimetres.

LED wall installation: internal or external

ledwall dhs event solution

As regards the location, depending on the place of use, the viewing distance, as well as the minimum Pixel Pitch, could certainly vary.

Obviously with regards to outdoor installations, the minimum viewing distance will be greaterindoors, however, you may happen to be very close to the screen.

Currently the most defined LED wall pitch for outdoors is 2.5mm, however for indoor use, as previously mentioned, it can even reach 0.85mm or 1.2mm.

This is because indoor screens need less heat dissipation and do not have to be waterproof.

This means that the distance between the LEDs can be reduced to a minimum.

As for outdoor LED walls, they must resist higher temperatures and dissipate heat better because they feature LEDs that are five times brighter than indoor ones.

Budget available

Last but not least, is the question relating to the budget available for the event, or for the possible use you want to make of the LED wall.

In this regard, it is good to keep in mind that the more defined the LED screen will be; therefore, with a minimum Pixel Pitch and the higher the costs of it per square meter.

All clear? Well, now all you have to do is turn to Dhs Event Solution for the best scenic and visual solution for your events!

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