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Event production: vision and technology

What is event production?

Event production is the technological and creative execution of an event that uses audio/video systems, creates lighting projects, assembles LED walls and design elements to manage the atmosphere, mood and emotions of participants.

A technical event production company will work with clients, typically meeting planners or event managers, to identify the event concept and then plan the logistics and technical components, including audiovisual, vendors, staff, equipment, budget and more.

In the events industry, you often hear about “event planning”, “event management”, “event coordination” and “event production”: although many of these terms are often used interchangeably, each requires work and different staff with a variety of skills.

Event planning, event management and event production

Event planning is about managing pre-event activities, including selecting venues, setting event dates, managing budgets, hiring a caterer, and more.

In contrast, event management is essentially about project management of an event, which may involve registrations, managing staff during the event and resolving any conflicts that arise on site – in short, event organizers they create the plan for an event, while the event manager takes responsibility for seeing the plan through to execution on the day of the event.

Event production takes an event to the next level: rather than focusing on planning and project management, this category focuses on the live presentation of an event.

Collaborating with speakers, audiovisual crews and technology providers, company team produce and deliver extraordinary live experiences at an event.

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How to make an event company stand out?

A successful event company is a partner that can transform their clients’ visions into a tangible production plan that can be shared with production suppliers, crew and venues.

Essentially, they manage to convert the customer’s vision into something that the entire manufacturing industry can understand and implement: many companies in the industry manage virtually all aspects of manufacturing, so their customers can focus on the big picture issues.

Event Production: the challenges to face

Every job has its challenges and production is no exception: in order to continuously organize successful events, these challenges must be addressed by event production companies in tandem with their clients.

The customer does not have a clear vision

For production companies, one of the biggest challenges is working with a client who doesn’t have a clear vision of what they want their event to accomplish.

When a client doesn’t provide enough information about objectives or even logistics, such as which be it the venue or what the budget is, the event production team needs to be able to create this roadmap for him.

Be sure to ask clients the right questions, including questions about the audience their event is intended for, what aspects of the event (execution, professional technologies, types of equipment) are most important to them, what their budget is, and any insights or ideas about past events that could complement or improve.

All clear? Well, now all you have to do is turn to DHS Event Solution for the best technical solution for your events!

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