About Dhs

Event technologies, innovative and highly specialized solutions

DHS EVENT SOLUTION offers innovative solutions with highly specialized technical support in audio video, lighting, through the technical production of events and the creation of scenographic content: a dynamic reality, consolidated over time and operating both throughout Italy and abroad, constantly projected towards the future and technologically cutting-edge.

Our business model is based on efficiency and innovation, mixing skills in order to obtain the most personalized result and make the event unique and exclusive.

DHS Event Solution is synonymous with experience and knowledge, to bring the event to a higher level: we provide an integrated range of event technologies, technologically advanced and innovative solutions.

We take care of our customers, constantly working on the design and creation of our events, built on the identity of each individual customer.

Large numbers do not scare us because we manage them daily, but even the smallest exclusive realities are to our liking, because they require the same preparation and attention to the details.

Trust a trusted partner who can imagine, design, build and implement scenic projects and technical setups for any event.

At Dhs Event Solution we understand the need to be flexible, creative and professional by applying well-defined values to all aspects of our daily business.

Our partners

Our corporate philosophy is based on ethical behavior, protecting customers and ensuring the success of each event.

Our clients

Getting in touch with the customer is the essential element to build together solid foundations that aim to achieve a common goal: that’s why Dhs Event Solution guarantees safety and professionalism, establishing a continuous consultancy activity aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers.
These are the details that lead us to pursue our goal of being the undisputed leader in a wide range of industries.