Led walls

A led wall is a visual solution with a certain impact, impressive, continuously moving, personalized and captivating: it has unique characteristics capable of exponentially increasing the attractiveness of large events and demonstrations.

Our led walls are able to generate a unique and unforgettable visual experience, create and convey emotions for a single customer as well as for an audience of 5000 spectators: at the basis of every event we create, there is the work of our technicians who every day they draw, plan and build new scenic projects, create stages and structures, assemble and manage every single panel for a great visual effect.

Cutting-edge technical know-how and advanced specialization useful for technologically assembling led screens of any format, combined with the modularity of our structures, allow us to design and create even large-scale scenographies, to increase the scenic effect of events and large events.

From the very first stages of analysis of the venue where the installation of the structures for the event will take place, to then continue with the collection of information and data useful for the purposes of the project and the analysis of the peculiarities, advantages and limitations of the location: everything this allows us to study and develop ad hoc solutions for any type of event.