3d Rendering

You dream it, we create it

The idea of ​​the event is the initial spark from which the technical project will come to life and take on a real and concrete aspect, transforming into an event through the complex activity of construction of each of its fundamental aspects: the development of the project through a 3D rendering, has the final objective is to obtain a faithful reproduction of the location for the event, thus defining a starting point on which to concretely build the desired setting and recreate the event itself in advance in all its fundamental aspects.

The rendering of a space starts from the development of a graphic image faithful to the real one, on which new graphic parameters are inserted through the use of geometric models: this is why the creative team of DHS Event Solution, in collaboration with our designers and lighting designers, is constantly projected in search of scenic and visual perfection.

Starting from a 3D model, developed by our team using computer graphics, rendering allows us to develop a realistic computerized representation down to the smallest details of the space and the technical and scenic setup of the event.

Being able to conceive, design and create a three-dimensional space allows us to make our customers perceive, in advance, the same emotions that an event can generate: thanks to event rendering it is possible to simplify all the activities subsequent to the graphic design one: from the choice of the technical materials and furnishings of the location, to the management of the internal spaces up to the scenic organization of the event.