DHS Event Solution is a dynamic company that deals with the design, construction and production of scenographic content specifically designed for any type of event, thus optimizing the customer’s communication strategy.

We take care of the management of every technical aspect of the event, with a wide range of technological services from the video and audio sector, to the creation of lighting projects with lighting design and visual effects studied specifically for each event, through the use of the best technologies in the sector and 3D rendering software, with the fundamental contribution of a specialized and highly qualified team.

Our services constantly accompany the customer through the production of the event: from the initial renderings to the technical design, up to the installation of the equipment and the realization of the event.

Reliability, creativity, innovation and safety are our keywords

The high-level instrumentation and the professionalism of technicians, fitters and industry experts, always up to date on the innovations that the market offers and able to suggest creatively and technically cutting-edge solutions, they allow us to offer entertainment services that are complete, valid and exclusive.

Our team of experts, working in symbiosis, analyzes the customer’s needs and designs technical solutions through tailor-made technical production and specifically designed setups, through different phases:

Targeted consultancy

The consultancy is the first phase of construction of the event, in which the ideas are developed: the many years of experience of our team allows to conceive and realize ideal solutions developed for each type of event.

The continuous contact with the customer is our prerogative to integrate and improve the realization of the event without leaving anything to chance: technical and scenic design solutions studied in detail begin to take shape.

Installation & construction

A great production is the result of passion, constancy and dedication, in which the various design and installation alternatives are studied.

Technical know-how and support of cutting-edge technological equipment represent the perfect combination that guarantees the success of the event: our team, constantly operating throughout the event, will guarantee a perfect realization, through the professionalism, flexibility and timeliness that have always characterized our business: the project and the design of the event become reality.

Design and fitting out

The customer’s ideas are translated into the event design, developed thanks to the support of designers and lighting designers who, realizing a faithful 3D reconstruction, allow the customer to have a clear and immediate view of the final product, recreating the event’s atmosphere in advance.

Technical direction & post-production

In order to follow our customers in any venue, we use the latest technology and video equipment managed by an entire team specialized in the setting up and technical production of definite events.

The technological sector is constantly evolving: Dhs Event Solution makes change its strength, imposing itself on the market as a constantly attentive reality to technology innovations of the sector.

Production of short films, videos and multimedia contributions

Aerial and video footage with drones

Creation of dedicated apps for individual events

Planning, lighting, design elements, creativity but above vision ability