Lighting Design

Our highly qualified team of experts in lighting design manages to create harmony between the lighting and the elements of the show, through the design and lighting development of luminous scenography for any type of event: communicating their project ideas to the rest of the team, through the most advanced technologies in the sector, such as 3D rendering, the lighting designers design and build the final project for the event.

Lighting is the most fascinating element, which creates the atmosphere in every event, but at the same time it is the most critical one: DHS Event Solution gives luminous emotions through unique and spectacular compositions and plays of light, to make every single moment magical of the event.

The skilful use of colours, warm or cold lights, shadows and shapes to create an extraordinary visual experience for the public are the skills that allow our experts to think outside the box and propose unique and original visual solutions.

Transforming and shaping a venue through light is an operation that requires reflection and planning: the lighting must adapt to the purpose of the event, bringing out the most important details and hiding the weak points of the locations.

Whether it is creating an evocative atmosphere, building a luminous pattern by directing the glow of hundreds of light points at a specific moment of the event or in a particular location, our lighting designers manage the transformative power of light to illuminate the event, capture the audience’s attention, support a narrative and trigger emotions.