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3D Video Mapping: emotional communication

If it is true that communicating rhymes with emotion, particularly in the organization of events, it is equally true that an effective way to leave your mark is certainly the ability to deeply involve the public.

3D video mapping is certainly one of those technical methods of engagement that represent a crucial focal point in producing a very high level of audience engagement and involvement.

But what exactly is it and why can this technological and artistic innovation be considered a perfect choice for the world of events?

What is video mapping?

It is precisely a mapped projection of the videos, designed down to the smallest details with extreme attention.

Going into more detail, it is important to underline that video mapping is based on the concept of augmented reality: this visual communication system, in fact, allows us to enrich our sensorial reality and our perception thanks to the use of a complex video projection system.

Precisely because of its complex and equally fascinating nature, it represents a true form of art, through which one is able to literally transform any surface, be it a building, a historic palace or a wall, into a dynamic display for the projection of video content created starting from their characteristics and geometries.

But how is it possible to design and create three-dimensional video mapping?

How is video mapping created?

Video mapping is created and implemented by video industry professionals specialized in motion graphics and computer graphics, graphic animation, video design and video editing and projection mapping.

All video mapping production is carried out using specific video projectors and software, capable of designing and managing the animation in every phase.

The technical production part of a video mapping involves “redrawing” on the computer, with 2D graphics switching to 3D, every small detail of the surface on which the video content is then projected.

In this way it is possible to design the various elements such as columns, windows, walls and balconies with different graphics and aesthetics, but created for the occasion.

As part of the event, in addition to the video projection, other forms of art are involved, such as plays of light, music, sounds, sometimes even actual representations by actors or dancers, to the point of organizing an entire highly engaging show which it literally kidnaps the spectator, no longer allowing him to distinguish illusion from reality.

Basically, it is largely the light from the projectors that evokes different textures from the original surfaces on which it is projected, so as to generate the actual optical illusion.

For example, it is in this way that it is possible to create astonishing light effects on very large surfaces to light up the darkness of the night.

100 anni Belmond Villa Sant Andrea video mapping 3d evento

Why choose it for your events?

Video mapping therefore lends itself very well to being used in the world of events, precisely because it manages to “put on a show” and create a strong emotional and immersive impact.

Its ability to attract and hold high attention also knows how to become a viral phenomenon, thus managing to imprint itself better in the minds and memories of the participants, precisely because it knows how to excite.

Through video mapping, a company can present, for example, a new product, or launch a new company area, or even combine its participation in a social cause.

Furthermore, the company itself can set up a real emotional story, a full-fledged storytelling, through which it can make its participants aware of the company’s history, values ​​and objectives

Part of the success of video mapping is given above all by the location of the event, when an existing reality such as a historic building is used to create the projections, but “covered with a new skin” capable of enhancing it.

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