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3D rendering for events: scenic perfection

The initial step on which the construction of an event and its realization is based is the idea of ​​the event itself.

It exists only in the head of those who imagine it.

The idea of ​​the event is the initial spark from which the technical project will come to life and take on a real and concrete aspect, transforming itself into an event through the complex activity of constructing each of its fundamental aspects.

Until a few years ago, in fact, there was no intermediate phase between the imagination and the realization of an event, but now this step has become of primary importance.

Today we can rely on event rendering.

But what exactly are we talking about?

What is 3D rendering?

In the field of computer graphics, rendering consists, in this case, in the representation of the location chosen for the realization of an event.

More specifically, rendering indicates the process of processing an image through the mathematical interpretation of a three-dimensional scene.

In practice, starting from a 3D model developed using computer graphics, rendering allows you to develop a realistic computerized representation down to the smallest details of the space and the technical and scenic setup of the final event.

3D rendering dhs event solution

Rendering and events: the winning duo

3D rendering is a tool widely used today in event organisation, as it allows you to design the meeting location before it is actually set up, so as to maximize time and resources and show in advance what the final result will be.

Rendering, in fact, is based on the insertion of project data into the graphic representation, such as colours, furnishing elements, as well as the technical setup: audio, video, lights and more.

Rendering parameters: the various phases of project development

The rendering of a space starts with the development of a graphic image faithful to the real one, onto which new graphic parameters are inserted through the use of geometric models.

For example, it is possible to insert elements created as faithful reproductions of scenic objects, introducing natural light or the colors of the materials that will be used for the displays.

Or it is possible to introduce other types of variables into the graphic model, such as photographic supports, furnishing accessories, dyes, as well as technical elements such as lights and supports.

The final objective, therefore, is to obtain a faithful reproduction of the location for the event, thus defining a starting point on which to concretely build the desired setting and recreate the event itself in advance in all its fundamental aspects.

rendering 3d dhs event solution

Why are event renderings essential?

Without the use of this excellent technology, the setting up of a space must necessarily be managed through the imagination of the fitter alone or through the use of hand-made drawings.

The development of the project in 3D, however, provides all the fundamental starting tools for designing the event location.

This is ineffective planning inevitably causes a huge waste of material, temporal and economic resources

With rendering, however, it is possible to obtain a 3D reproduction which facilitates the choices of the various elements that compose it and significantly lowers the margin of error, preventing the risk of evaluation errors and encouraging highly effective and targeted planning of the set-up activity.

3d rendering

3D Rendering: an optimal choice

Rendering is now very widely used in the furniture sector, but is now increasingly known and used in the event planning sector as well.

Especially for the design of large spaces and installations created from scratch starting from a mapping of the environment.

Ultimately, thanks to event rendering, it is possible to simplify all activities subsequent to graphic design.

From the choice of the technical and furnishing materials of the location, to the management of the internal spaces up to the scenic organization for the event.

All clear? Well, now all you have to do is turn to Dhs Event Solution for the best technical solution for your events!

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