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Led Wall

Led Wall for events: the pixel format magic

A perfect success of an event presupposes a careful analysis of every technical and scenographic aspect: this is why one of the main and most impactful scenographic elements is the increasingly widespread led wall and its application for events, which we will talk about today.

A bright wall that generates emotions

Before delving into the immense world that is hidden behind this magnificent and complicated technical tool, it is necessary to give some general information about our “luminous walls”.

Once again the Anglo-Saxons have given their linguistic contribution, suggesting the fusion between the words “led” and “wall”: so, is it simply a wall made up of leds? So it would seem, but as you know appearances can be deceiving!

In reality, it is important to underline that a led wall is not just a giant screen that works thanks to LED technology: it is a set of elements, made up of many panels that create a real “wall” of LEDs, which it can be built and adapted to any size.

ledwall dhs event solution

The result? Reproduction of video contributions or high resolution dynamic images.

And here comes the most complicated part: to make this giant screen work perfectly, it is necessary to carefully connect the various panels very carefully, making use of the right equipment and a qualified technical team; this articulated preparation phase is called “pixel mapping“, or mapping of the pixels.

Mico Milano Congressi Magic Allianz evento pixelmap ledwall

Every single pixel must be managed and put in communication with the others present on the various panels of the led wall, in order to obtain an optimal result and a unique stage performance: et voilà!

Bright emotions and where to find them!

Everything very nice but… where can we find a led wall for events?

The presentation we made earlier helps us understand why led walls are so widespread and increasingly used in many events: versatility and adaptability for a unique result.

You should know that led walls are increasingly being used in any type of event, from conferences to sporting events, from cultural events to concerts and so on and so forth!

allianz viva Mico Milano evento ledwall

The key to the success of these devices and their technology is contained in their ease of making every event fascinating from many points of view, precisely because the led walls are able to capture the attention of each participant and transmit them continuous and unique emotions: all this is due not only to their size (which we repeat can be built exactly for each event), but above all to their ability to transmit multimedia content of any type in high quality, which translates into a continuous flow of emotions.

The power of the led wall in events

Still not convinced, yet? Then let yourself be carried away by the emotions that a one-of-a-kind led wall has managed to generate and convey to an audience of over 1000 spectators!

Let’s examine an event in which the led wall was the master:

An incredible scenic project set up by the Dhs Event Solution technical team: a majestic led wall of over 500 square meters with an innovative design, also conceived to be formed by a walkable surface to serve as a stage.


Consisting of a structure specially designed and built on the basis of the location of the event: led wall made up of over 1500 panels, for a total of over 48 million pixels, individually prepared and managed to be adapted to the different sizes that have been used (here is you the secret ingredient of the recipe).

All this required a huge commitment in terms of human resources and very long timescales: with about 60 days of preparation and 2 weeks of work, including assembly, setup and event, thanks to the commitment of over 50 industry experts including stand builders, fitters, lighting designers, audio and video technicians, as well as an on-site technical direction involved in managing the entire event, also in live streaming.

Not bad right?

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