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The Truss: structures for events

It will certainly have happened to you, during a more or less important event, such as a concert for example, to focus for a moment on those imposing steel structures, so tall, so big.

“ah yes, the Americans” you thought, without other questions.

Well, I think it’s time to satisfy your curiosity and talk about it a little more in detail!

Some general info

The truss structure, is a steel or aluminum structure, which is easily found in places where musical, theatrical performances or corporate events are held.

For example, it can be found very often above the stage of theaters , inside some particularly large rooms of convention centers or in stadiums during a concert.

It is a type of structure used for the scenic preparation of events and allows the lighting equipment to be lifted and positioned with respect to the stage.

americana per eventi truss dhs event solution

What does a truss for events look like?

The truss consists of a “truss” with a square or triangular section.

This structure has been designed to guarantee maximum resistance and stability under high weight loads.

Therefore, despite its fragile and delicate appearance, the truss has a framework that allows it to support very heavy weights in relation to its surface area and its lightness.

These structures are made up of various components that are assembled together to form the complete structure.

The assembly of the trusses can sometimes be quite complicated.

Given that the pylons can be up to 2.50 m long and placed at rather high heights (often over 10 meters above the ground).

truss for events dhs event solution

Trusses and where to find them

As we said before, these structures are capable of supporting very heavy weights, such as lighting or audio systems.

The trusses are usually placed near the proscenium.

Less frequently they are placed at the back of it, thus framing the backdrop when it is present and supporting the backlighting.

When there are several parallel trusses they are generally numbered from the outermost (towards the public) to the innermost (e.g.: first, second, third American).

All clear? Well, now all you have to do is organize an event and rely on the qualified Dhs Event Solution team, ready to respond to your every need.

Ah almost forgotten…. of course the American is a must!


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