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VIP Party Piacenza 16-06-2018

VIP Party Piacenza 16-06-2018

Summer outdoor events season has just started: they can provide much entertainment and also great chances to discover the multitude of ancient and modern artistic treasures that the whole world envies us. But sometimes even italians don’t know how “rich” they are.

For this reason DHS Event Solution was happy and proud to collaborate to the exploitation of a private event throughout particular lighting design techniques on many works of art. The set was the lovely park of centuries-old Villa Corvi in Piacenza: a real outdoor art gallery. The spectacular Lighting design tricks and the strong DHS know-how in night event management helped the guests to discover (or maybe re-discover) the works of art from a different perspective.

“There is great excitement in Lighting Design environment and new applications allow us to show great creativity and flexibility. These technologies can be applied to big events and conventions, but also to smaller events”, commented Massimo Barbera, DHS Event Solution CEO.


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